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All In

Salón Comunal brings together the artists represented along with a renowned teacher, in an exhibition that accounts for the individual artistic practice of each artist present and the gallery's commitment to supporting the career of young Colombian artists, while conducting historical reviews that bring new visions to the field of plastic arts in the local scene.

Doing is the common thread of the show, in which various interests and techniques converge, such as:
sculpture from ceramics and the volumes of accumulation of layers of paint, painting as a surface, drawing as the beginning of everything, and a joint action between an artist and visitors, which seeks to raise awareness about the situation of an animal species threatened by inviting visitors to screen-print an image of the jaguar, they build an environment where knowledge is shared, while works and artists are confronted and enhanced.

Marcela Rodríguez
Bernardo Montoya
Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar
Nicolás Bonilla
Mateo Cohen
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