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Salón Comunal was conceived in 2013 in Bogotá by  Colombian artists who imagined a gallery that could exist in a family home in a traditional neighborhood.


Since its inception, the gallery  seeks to contribute to the circulation, exhibition, production, training and commercialization of contemporary art. The project  started pointing   the lack of institutional support for emerging artists in Colombia.


Thanks to an uninterrupted programming, there have been more than 100 exhibitions that have had the participation of renowned artists such as Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, Antonio Caro, Beatriz Eugenia Díaz, Juan Mejía, Cecilia Ordóñez, Lucas Ospina, Carol Young, Gabriel Silva. The gallery represents Edelmira Boller, Mario Opazo, Mateo Cohen, Felipe Gonzales, Nestor Gutierrez, Cecilia Ordoñez, Sergio Ferro, Bernardo Montoya.

Más de 1OO exposiciones

Nuestros Recorrido

Acceso gratuito de Lunes a Viernes de 10a.m a 6p.m

Dirección: Transversal 27a # 53b-25

Contacto: 057 3053477418

Communal Hall seeks to contribute to the circulation and exhibition of contemporary art. We strive to share experiences, information, time, energy, dialogue, and sow seeds for the production of knowledge.

transverse 27a # 53b-25

057 3053477418

Nuestros Espacios

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Tienda cerámica


Taller de 


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Talleres de


Bernardo Montoya


Bernardo Montoya Chaux

Nuestro Director

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