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All In 2021

For this version of ARTBO We present our space in all its dimensions, we will have the possibility of sharing and presenting all the activities that come together in the Community Hall, that is: the exhibition, production, training and collection of contemporary art.

For the exhibition we will turn our space to discover new relationships between the artists we represent. In one of the rooms we will install works made in ceramics by the artists Cecilia Ordoñez, Bernardo Montoya, Nicolás Bonilla and Felipe González, in the other room there will be space for painting and sculpture from the practice of the artists: Mario Opazo, Edelmira Boller, Mateo Cohen, Marcela Rodríguez, Néstor Gutiérrez and Beatriz Eugenia Diaz.

On the second floor we made a tribute to our friend, the teacher Antonio Caro, works from private collections were mounted that will not be for sale. The residency workshops will be open for the public to visit, as well as the Salazar collection shelter. With this proposal we seek to disseminate the fact that an art gallery is vital in the professionalization of the plastic arts sector and a meeting point and exchange of knowledge at the service of the general public, and therefore, a cultural epicenter that must be valued and cared for by society.

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