the exhibition Determined Adventures,  Found Decisions of Master Cecilia Ordóñez, shows a journey through the artist's plastic research, it is an opportunity to enjoy  works from different moments of his artistic practice.

"For more than 40 years I have used clay and the kiln. I have taken risks and seized opportunities; luck has been generous, perhaps because I have been alert, going back to the past to take the present in my hands.  

With Beatriz, ceramics was always an adventure, she learned ˝the other use˝ of technique and materials, with her I discovered the capacity for surprise that is not found in other disciplines. The teacher Beatriz had a passionate personality and temperament and from the moment I saw her work at the Museum of Modern Art, I was certain that what I wanted was to be a ceramicist.


From those distant days until now I have continued researching and experimenting with this entertaining game that never ends: transforming the earth through fire. Clay is a solid sea of accumulated life and compressed time. "  

Cecilia Ordóñez Paris
Member of the International Academy of Ceramics

Aguas Azules #1
Aguas Azules #2
Aguas Azules #3
Aguas Azules #4
Aguas Oscuras #1
Aguas Oscuras #2
Aguas oscuras #3
Aguas Oscuras #4
Aguas Oscuras #5
Aguas Oscuras #6
Forma #5
Agua con Pozos de Porcelana #1
Agua con Manganeso
Almeja Roja
Montaña Nevada
Flores Animales
Roca Submarina
Glaciar Negro Alto
Glaciar Rojo
Glaciar Azul Gris
Glaciar Ocre Claro
Glaciar Azul Claro
Glaciar Ocre Claro Derretido