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Marcela Rodríguez

Biotope / living space

Marcela Rodríguez solo exhibition

April 27 to June 11, 2021

I am  artist. I studied drawing at the Brussels public art school, The Royal Academy, and plastic arts at the University of  Los Andes with option in Anthropology. I have had inside  the question of how do I contribute  to the construction of the  life in balance, in coexistence ?. My actions, daily and productive life, are  a single plastic material capable of being molded, like a work of art. Everything is united. Drawing is my axis. I make living sculpture, actions, performance, portable pieces for our bodies (clothes), I reproduce originals with stamping to bring the work of art to everyone, and that we can all live - have a work with all the meaning. I teach my practice in my workshop.  And I draw Marciana since I was a child, a character, a reflection, of my passage through the world in this existence  human  woman.

I work with the Galería Salón Comunal, in Bogotá.
My name is Marcela Rodríguez

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