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 Hecdwin Carreño, Marcela Rodríguez, Laura Ruíz, Néstor García

Salón Comunal is pleased to announce its exchange and collaboration project with the Venezuelan gallery Abra Caracas. This initiative begins with the exhibition BODY, Caracas-Bogotá, Bogotá-Caracas with the participation of the artists Hecdwin Carreño, Laura Ruiz, Néstor García and Marcela Rodríguez in the Communal Hall space.

For the 4 artists gathered in the exhibition, the body is not limited to a conception of the body as a biological structure, nor only as a living being, but as a human body belonging to a culture and an era. Concepts such as space and form are an essential tool in the construction of the images presented. The representations of the body by Carreño, Rodríguez, García and Ruiz produce elaborations of discourse that operate with a symbolic character. Codes that allow us to recognize a "stable world".

Given the health emergency, the exhibition will be available to the public only virtually, through audiovisual material that we will publish on the website and social networks of Salón Comunal and Abra Caracas.

Stay home, we will bring a beautiful exhibition to your home!

It is our responsibility to take care of each other.

Health! And may it become health!

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