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Sara Herrera y Marcela Rodríguez

Double Nature 2020


Double Nature, an exhibition that results from the collaboration between two galleries and two of their represented artists.


It is  a sample where two worlds meet. On the one hand, that of artistic objects and on the other, that of ideas. On  this dynamic of encounters, the place where you live and work and its impact on production take special attention  art by Sara Herrera and Marcela Rodríguez, (Medellín and Bogotá).

The practices of both artists converge on several levels: formal, conceptual and procedural.  

Formal, insofar as they use traditional formats, media and techniques for drawing and image reproduction. The  questions derived from representation and nature understood as a whole, bring them closer together on the

conceptual and intuition as a guide in their processes, are nodes where connections are woven between their practices.


Even so,  Sara breaks and Marcela unites, two natures that coexist.  It can be said that the experience derived from this connection is confrontation, tension and dialogue: the role of the other in  our being, the coexistence and new existence between the works, the artists, the galleries and the viewer.


Double nature: a contradiction under the gaze of Humboldt or Thoreau, or a reality of the human condition for  Wilde?

Bernardo montoya

Community Hall Director

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