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Maria Fernanda Zuloaga

"Winding the world around our fingers like a thread or a ribbon with which a woman who dreams leaning out of the window plays" ... Fernando Pessoa

The Book of Restlessness



He has spent many days longing to know this place. When the time for this event finally approaches, draw, write and paint. Build an imaginary of dreams. The lights, the colors, the sounds, the smells of the place come to mind. He names them, classifies them. Their desire sculpts them. Dreaming thinks that maybe it will be 6,8,10, J, S, M ...

When the day comes when you are there, your attention is total. Being alert, very aware, makes this experience greater, deeper and enriching. To know is to change your skin, it is to brand new clothes, it is to die to something and be a new one. You can see and feel that they are 9,11,20 R, D, U ...

A year later everything lives in his being, although transforming day by day. Memory with its memories is the owner of this event. Only she, autonomous, elusive, rebellious and treacherous, can make the memory come or go loaded with sensations and feelings that beat clear and sometimes fade away. Now time says it was 15, 70, 80 G, H, I ...

Jacaranda, a project by María Fernanda Zuluaga

Maria Fernanda lives and works in Bogotá. She is an Associate Professor at the National University of Colombia

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