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Sebastían Fierro, Bernardo Montoya, Laura Ruiz, Nestor Gutierréz, Luisa Naranjo, Fernardo Uhía, Gustavo Niño, Laura Noguera


In light of the paradox stated above, the question is: how is it possible to be a ballot in the current Neo-Baroque Era, in which everything is already a ballot? In the Neo-Bolett Era, the search for the higher and spiritual origins of societies has been replaced by the design of originality - a
original copy music and movie pirates would say. High Modernism -for example
in Adolf Loos or the Stijl group - he tried to find a visual essence that would show the
human nobility, beyond contexts and cultures. To get to that essence, you had to
strip the arts and people of any ornamental traits, clean the forms up to
leave them pure, with which we could infer that the ballot is an excremental trait and all
expressionism - with its excesses of floating matter - an anti-humanist sewer; and if the 7
Colombianisms include all kinds of vocabularies, it would also be a crime, a
degeneration (in fact, "degenerate art" the Nazis called expressionism).
Continuing with our questioning and clarifying it in another way, how is it possible
produce ticket art at the time when the nobility is not an entity outside the Being but rather
can be built personally, to the point where eight billion people believe they are




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