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Beatriz Eugenia Díaz

Vida Silente / Beatriz Eugenia / Salón Comunal

Author's name: Beatriz Eugenia Díaz.

Name of the work: 'Silent Life'.

Date: 2020.

Description: On-site intervention.

Variable dimensions.


Space inhabited by light, the absence of light; sounds, the absence of sounds; black, red and green. 'Silent life' is the transposition of a potted geranium (or "red boyfriend") to the architectural space, the house. It is a triptych, an interior garden. From the front door to the house and all the way to the center: the circulation, the movement, the journey (green); on the left wing: the deep, the dark, the hidden (black); on the right wing: the elevated, the luminous, the manifest (red). On one side, light enters through the windows, attention is focused on the visible; on the other side, the light does not enter, the attention is concentrated on the audible. Between one side and the other, the displacement. Below, the earth; above, the sky. The image: silent life.

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